In the United States of America there is the oldest, Westernized-settled region called New England. The cultural capital many would argue is Eastern Massachusetts with much of the population being centered around Boston. I, Kyle Mackesey have been raised here and I'm proud to say that I am a Townie. Townies are the true blue New Englanders. What exactly are Townies you ask?


Well, the only genuine way to find out is to watch them in action. 

Sonkhonkett is a town I created on the Rumney Marsh of the North Shore of Greater Boston, bordering the towns of Revere, Saugus and Lynn. It is a comedy webseries starring hand puppets I have crafted. Sonkhonkett identifies "What is a Townie?" and "Why do they enrich the New England experience?" Many of the Sonkhonkett residents carry on hectic lives but I perform them along with talented others out of love and respect. (I consider myself to be a Townie activist.) In a world where globalization is running rampant I would like to show everyone that unique cultures still exist and it is worth it to be unique no matter how ridiculous your accent might sound.


  This project is my life's work and I intend on creating an entertainment production company to hire locals to bring Sonkhonkett to the big screen. For now, since I am new to filming, editing lighting, acting, set construction and audio there are shorts called Sonkhonkett Samplers on my youtube page. They exist as a testing ground for the skills I am still acquiring and they give the viewer an inside peak on what makes North Shore world tick.

Sonkhonkett has hosted two fundraisers both of which accrued an average of 180%. The majority of those funds were distributed to paying all the people that make this show possible. I stand to treat all my collaborators with dignity and respect. This includes paying them a wage that is fair and in addition their transportation expenses are always covered in the Sonhonkett budget. The company is rooted in the maintaining the rights of the workers in an economy that is now leaning towards slashing workers' hours, benefits and pay. To love my homeland is not only about creating art to honor it but to distribute resources and values that sustain and enrich it.

 In the mean time I am always looking for help. You do not need a specific set of skills to be apart of Sonkhonkett. Much of what I do is not from the product of formal training. I am vehemently against the tyranny of competence. As long as you're willing you are always welcome to Sonkhonkett.  Go to the contact page to watch the Samplers and contact me if you have any questions and or would like to help out.

What is Sonkhonkett?

Melissa Dole, John McDonough, Patrick Guilherme
Kyle Mackesey
To All of You Dedicated Participants

Thank You Jill Mackesey. For your digital art skills, transporting sets and morale. Thank You Allie Coppola, Willy Weygint, Sean Cleary, Grace O'Neill, Kelley Fredrickson, Stephen Kelly, Evan Peebles, Judy Haberl, Chuck Stigliano, Chris Cruz, Dan Pasto, Robert Bryer, Eddie Cora, Dan Levine, Tracy Chevrolet, Elizabeth Hopkins and to the others that are making this dream a comedy-filled reality.

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